Reflection on various tools used in this course

The Educational Technology course comprises of a large variety of tools in which one has to master in order to feel a sense of achievement while pursing this course. The tools used in this course include but is not limited to: blog, threaded discussion, web quest, digital story, podcast, wikispaces, and cartoon among others. These tools helped to make this course interactive and fun and at the same time educational. Personally, creating these used or using these tools to create an effective lesson always gave me a sense of accomplishment. The nature of these tools are not tied up in social interaction only but can be used in the classroom to make learning more meaning and fun. Using or interacting with these tools at the start of the course sometimes poses minor challenges, but these challenges were tackled with the aid of tutorials, my own imagination and when things becomes so difficult my lecturer was to the rescue.

These tools will always become a part of me I have taken ownership over them and will continue to use them when needs arise. These are very beneficial to my personal and professional life. The blog, web quest, wikispaces, cartoon and indeed the podcast have stood out among the other tools. I always desire in having a blog, as I have heard that name everywhere. When I was told that I was going to create a blog I was so excited. The blog that I have created automatically becomes my E-portfolio. The tools used in my blog including the theme reflect me. I always wanted a blog, therefore I make it mine. Creating the web quest was a bit of a challenge in terms of the length. The benefit that I have gained from this web quest is that it can be used as a lesson plan and at the same time executing the lesson. I will definitely implement this tool in my lessons in the future. I had fun creating my web quest. In addition, it calls for my creative imagination and critical thinking skills. As it relates to wikispaces this will be beneficial for me in the future as I will have a website to facilitate large discussion and work on projects. The podcast, digital story and cartoon were all interesting to create. These will all be beneficial to me as it is just another way of creating an interactive lesson for business subjects. As I always searched for ways to make business subjects fun or even reduces the level of boredom which may arise.

When I was scanning through the list of tools to be exposed to in this course my expectation was to find at least one tool that can be used to enhance business education. Indeed this expectation was met, as I have found not one but multiple tools which can be used to make business subjects fun and excited. I have gained so much experience while using these tools. I have learned and gained new knowledge and understanding. Interacting with these tools had aid in creativity and innovation. This is so because students will demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative products and processes using technology. These tools also foster communication and collaboration. Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. If I should interact with these tools again I would learn how to be more creative with these tools as I like to unlock the mystery of educational technologies

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