Reflection of the course in general

The Educational Technology course was very excited and interesting. Throughout the course there has being challenges but those challenging activities only allows me to become a more creative person. The course lasted for five months. Within the five months lapse I have gain tremendous experience and a vast amount of knowledge as it relates to technology. The exposure that I had gained goes beyond social media interaction but involves educational technologies and assistive technologies.

Being a teacher in training, the world had being driven by technology which gives me no other choice than to adopt and by extension implement these technologies in the classroom. The wide array of tools that I was exposed to in this course had catered to the different learning styles which prove to be effective. This course had widened my schema about the various strategic ways of implementing technologies in the classroom which in turns enhance learning- making it fun. Prior to starting this course “Educational Technology”- the title of the course stimulated my interest. I had high hopes and expectations of this course pertaining to technology in education. My greatest expectation was to learn how to incorporate technology in my lessons, in the classroom and how it can make Business subjects more interesting and fun. This is my greatest expectation because the nature of the business subjects lends itself to boredom and students with short attention span maybe at a disadvantage. Now, I reached the end of the course and this expectation had being met to a great extend. As a result sincere appreciation must be shown to Mr. Walker my lecturer and my coach.

Learning about the different tools was interesting but what stood out amongst them all is actually creating my own tools. This takes precedent over all the other areas in this course because the hands-on experience was fun and lends it self to creativity and critical thinking skills. In addition, after creating my own tools and viewing them actually gives me a sense of accomplishment. Frankly speaking, I always wonder how one creates comic strips- when I did my first piece of comic strip labeled “Tan Toon” I felt a great sense of achievement and accomplish knowing that I can create comic strips to be published in the paper.
The negatives of this course were positives for me. The negative-positive experience lends itself to a sense of autonomy; which will benefit me in the future. This course experience liaise with the ICT experience however, this course gives a greater, deeper and wider understanding/ knowledge of using technology in education which had fulfilled my desires. The level of benefit that I have gained through this course cannot be measured. I will have to live these benefits because they have automatically become apart of my life both in the present and in the future. If I should do this course again I would not change a thing. I would anticipate to go further by learning more about assistive technologies and by extension practicing to use these types of technologies where possible. Personally, I recommend this course to everyone, whether or not you are a teacher in training. Finally, as it relates to the lecturer, Mr. Walker, you are simple the best. You have being with us and for us, you never leave us but you stayed with us to the end. Keep up the good works as it gets better everyday.

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