Personal Philosophy

Integrating technology in education has become a part of my personal philosophy. As a potential teacher it is mandatory that I use technology in the classroom. I plan to utilize a vast amount of technology in my lesson delivery, for example, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, web quest, Digital Story, podcast, blogs, wiki, threaded discussion board, chat, video conferencing, cell phones, video games and other new technologies that will continue to emerge.

These technologies will enhance the delivery of the lesson as well as to give students a better understanding of the concept. It is also important and of good use if an opportunity spans, so that I can actually give students first hand experience as it relates to technology. The world is changing- getting more technologically incline and education is one of the several ways in which we will be able to develop the required skills we need in order to be a fully function person as it relates to technology. I strongly believed that theory and practical are interrelated. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the real world practical, but technology come into being had facilitated simulation.

For me, the ancient quote once stated ” a man’s experience of the world is through the reading of a book.”- this has become a cliché. Presently, I am totally with this quote ” the world is just a click away, the world is now at your finger tips.”

Technology and other authentic situations must not be hidden from the students, but rather give exposure and experience. Personally, I will use technology in education because the students will be able to get access to more accurate and reliable information that will be of significant value. In addition, technology is an effective tool that will help to cater to the various learning styles and needs.

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