E- Portfolio

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog which is my E- portfolio for Technology Education. This blog is a summary of the major works that  I have completed during the five months of this course. The information and features presented on each pages are originally the works of Taneisha Lawrence. They are uniquely  done to the best of my imagination.

To access my webquest- please select the webquest page, then click on the link Taneisha’s webquest. It will take you right there.  Please scroll down to the bottom of my webquest is it is compact with information, videos and pictures.

To access my wikispaces- please select the wiki page, then click on the link Taneisha’s wiki. It will take you right to my wikispaces

To access my podcast- please select the podcast page, then click on the link Taneisha’s podcast. It will take you to podbean where   you can play my podcast.

The other pages are direct, whenever you click the information will pop up.

Hope you enjoy my E-Portfolio!!!!!!!!!!!